Stages are an all new feature in GraphCMS. While simple in concept, they have been a much requested feature. Stages allow you to try out new ideas and changes to your project structure without affecting your production environment.

If you want to overhaul your website or make some major changes, you can simply copy your current stage into a new one and test out your new idea.

Let's see how that looks.





Initial Model

"Stage overview for Master"

Release Candidate

Add a dynamic Author Model

"Add a dynamic author model."


Add a Sponsorsip check

"Add sponsorship to stage"

With stages, you can work in a secure an efficient manner, always keeping your approved content structure protected from your latest idea and exploration.

Key Concepts

The Master Stage

By default, all projects have one stage called Master which is the production environment for your content. If you have a live project running, any changes you make here will be live!

Clone a new Stage

Creating a new stage is called "Cloning." Why? Because at it's creation, a new stage is an exact copy of the previous stage – a clone.

"Cloning a new stage"

Deleting a Stage

Deleting a stage is straight forward. Click on the Stage drop-down, hover over the stage you want to delete and then press the trash can. You will be asked to type the name of the stage to confirm you really want to delete it and then the command will be executed.

"Cloning a new stage"

Syncing Changes

An important concept is that only the last clone is editable. So, if you create Master, Release Candidate and Edge stages, only Edge is editable. We are working quickly to improve this flow, but for now, you'll need to sync your changes to the previous stage.

The stage dialog shows an indication of how many changes will occur.

"Stages dialog box