The settings page shouldn't need a huge explanation in what the intended purpose is. Each project has it's own set of settings and supported properties.

The Settings page is broken down into these categories:

  • General project settings

  • Team settings, roles and Permissions

  • Public API Permissions

  • Permanent Auth Tokens

  • System Token

  • Subscription Management

  • Endpoints

  • Danger Zone

General project settings

The general project settings support changing the project name and description. You can also view which region your project resides in, but this can't be changed after project creation. You are also able to change the Project Image, which also will be displayed in your project overview.

"General Settings"

Team settings, roles and Permissions

Team settings allow you to add people to the various role profiles on your project. In the near future you will be able to create any number of custom roles! For now, these are the project defaults.

"Team Settings"




Admin + Ability to change billing.


Developer + Ability to manage teams and create, update and delete projects.


Editor + Ability to create, update and delete models and enums.


Contributor + Ability to delete content.


Ability to create and update content.

Public API Permissions

Public API permissions refer to what access the general public will have to your API.

This is important! If you set either an open, read or write public permission to your endpoint, you could quickly exhaust your API rate limits! Public means that you don't get to control how many people query your dataset or how often.

Powering an open source project? Contact us!‚Äč

You are also able to set API Filters, such as Status is PUBLISHED. This will only return published entries via your public endpoint.

"Public Settings"




Ability to query your project.


Ability to write data, but not read from your project.


Permanent Auth Tokens required to access API from outside the CMS.


Ability to read and write from the project. Good luck.

Permanent Auth Tokens

Permanent auth tokens allow you to give specific services access to your endpoint. This could be some third-party tool or app that wants to access your data in some way.

The permissions are similar to the Public permission options.

For each PAT that you create you also have the possibility to set an API Filter.

"Token Settings"




Ability to query your project.


Ability to write data, but not read from your project.


Ability to read and write from the project.

System Token

System Tokens are used for the Import/Export endpoint of your project. The Grants dropdown allows you to either choose Import or Export.

"Token Settings"

Payment Plan Management

Here's where you can change your subscriptions plan at any time. Keep in mind that only Owners of projects currently are able to manage subscriptions. If you want to change the owner of a project, make sure to contact us!

You are also able to see your billing details in our external billing tool. If you press the "Billing Details" button you can access all your invoices and change your billing information, including name, company name and credit card.

Changing your credit card and billing info will also change it for all other payed projects you are the owner of and managing the payment!

Update a Subscription


You are also able to see your project endpoints here. Another place to find them is the Dashboard.

Endpoint Settings

Danger Zone

The Danger Zone allows you to delete your project. You'll be asked to type the name of your project to confirm. Once you delete a project there is no going back.

"Delete Project"