Working with Content

What is a Content Entry?

A content entry is one instance of a model. Each entry uses the model as a template for which fields and therefore content will be added. Hypothetically, each content entry is a unique entry (although not impossible otherwise).

Adding Content Entries

When inside of the content tab (and assuming that you already have a content model created), choose your content model. Then click the big blue button in the top right that says Create {Model Name}

Deleting Content Entries

Deleting a content entry can be accomplished by selecting the entry of choice (checking the box), and clicking the trashcan icon in the bar at the top of the page.

Multi-Deleting Content Entries

Working with a large base of content can be tedious. Using the checkboxes, you can select multiple content entries and bulk-delete them with the trashcan icon.

'Multi delete content'

You can select all content entries on a page with the checkbox in the table header. Paginating will retain the selection.

Content Entry Statuses

Statuses are an integral part of any content process. The status alone will not filter content. Make sure to check out Setting up a preview environment flow discussing filtering content by status depending on what type of build your product is in.

The statuses available are:

  • Draft
  • Published
  • Archived

'Status Types'

We are currently discussing the possibility of allowing customization of the status field. [You can chime in on the roadmap, here.](