Overview Dashboard

The overview dashboard will show all the projects that your account is associated with. This will also have the ability to logout.

'Account Dashboard'

Project Dashboard

The project dashboard is an overview of each project. Here you can see:

  • an Onboarding Checklist as a place to get started
  • Asset Traffic monthly usage graph
  • API Operations monthly usage graph
  • Quotas - a bar graph of usage / monthly quota

'Project Dashboard'

Onboarding Checklist

This is the perfect place to start if you're new to GraphCMS and want to see what it has to offer! We walk you through all of the minimum viable steps to getting a project up and running, as well as a few to give you some velocity going forward.

'Onboarding Checklist'

Quota Overview

Each plan offers a certain number of server requests (queries and mutations) as well as data transfer (showing your images, files) per month. For a breakdown on how much each plan offers, please see the pricing page.

Along with the actual usage and the total allowed, we offer a helpful estimation of what your monthly usage will be based on current usage. As the month goes on, this number will update and increase in accuracy.

Quota of API calls and Assets

API Statistics

The API overview shows the peak days of activity for your content. If something seems out of sync with your expectation, this is a very helpful place to track down abnormalities or simply to bask in the glow of your super popular content!

"API Statistics"

When you hover over the content, you can see specific dates involved.

"API Statistics view Date"

Asset Statistics

Similar to API statistics, asset statistics show you which days your assets were viewed and when how much data was transferred. Again, this serves as a helpful diagnostic tool in auditing your costs and expectation for how your front-end should be behaving.

"Asset Statistics"

When you hover over the content, you can see specific dates involved.

"Asset Statistics view Date"


The all-important endpoint is the single most important URL for your GraphCMS project to work! In fact, it's the ONLY URL you need to make your project work! Since all queries and mutations are written against a single endpoint, we've added a helper utility. Just click on the URL and we'll copy it to your clipboard.

"Endpoint widget"

If you add an alias or are working on a different stage, those different endpoints will be available here.

"Endpoint stages"

Get Help

No product can be truly great without a great community, and ours here at GraphCMS is no exception! Join our Slack channel for access to one of the happiest, smartest and helpful group of developers around! Just prepare yourself for party parrots. It's a thing.

"Get Help"