API Explorer

What is the API Explorer?

A cloned and modified version of GraphiQL, our API Explorer allows you to verify and prototype your GraphQL queries before using them in your product.

In addition to that, you can perform mutations directly from the explorer.

Parts and Functionality of the Explorer


Asking for content is executed in a GraphQL Query.

A query denoted as:

query {




Mutations allow content to be altered in many different ways. Inside of the API explorer is a secure and easy way to accomplish mutations.

A mutation denoted as:

mutation {


A subscription denoted as:

subscription {

Subscriptions are only available on the Management API


'API Explorer Header'

Stages are in a dropdown located at the top of the GraphiQL. Each stage has a different endpoint and therefore needs to be defined to query the appropriate content.

Management API can be found in this dropdown as well as it is a different endpoint.


The docs tab is the GraphQL documentation of every query, mutation, and subscription possible under each endpoint. There are so many possibilities, that this is the source of truth unique to your project.


'API Explorer Header'

The locales that you define under configuration can be chosen from a dropdown here. You can only choose one at a time.


Just like prettier, this button will structure the input properly. A word to the wise, queries will only format if they are valid.

Execute Query Button

To run the query, mutation, or subscription - click the blue button with a white play icon.