System Artifacts

What are System Artifacts?

Each GraphCMS project comes with a few system artifacts, that users should be aware of. Those are models and fields that are created automatically by the system.

Asset Model

The Asset system model is where your uploaded files get stored. Each time you assign an asset field to one of your schema models, a relation to this model is created.

The fields of the Asset model are:

  • fileName the name of the file
  • handle the unique identifier of the file
  • url the public url of the file, which is always
  • size the size of the file
  • mimeType the internet asset type of the file
  • isPublic a flag that indicates if the file is available for the public (currently always true)

System Fields

Each content model in GraphCMS has the following system fields by default:

  • id stores the unique identifier of a content entry
  • createdAt the date the content entry was created
  • updatedAt the date the content entry was updated the last time
  • status indicates if the content entry is published