System Roles

Inside of your team settings you can add people to the various role profiles on your project. For now, these are the project defaults.

Roles and perms

OwnerAdmin + Ability to change billing and to delete projects
AdminDeveloper + Ability to manage teams and create, update projects.
DeveloperEditor + Ability to create, update and delete models and enums.
EditorContributor + Ability to delete content.
ContributorAbility to create and update content.

Custom Roles

As a unique company with many 'hands in the pot', you need the flexibility to create a content workflow that works for your team. Custom Roles allow you to define groups of users with specific permissions ranging from the project, content views, to API tokens.

To create a Custom Role:

  1. Click on the settings icon in the sidebar
  2. Navigate to Team Settings, Roles, and Permissions
  3. In the section Custom Roles click the create new + button.

You will be able to base the permissions off of an existing system role, and edit 60+ granular permissions.