What is a project?

A project is the highest level of organization in GraphCMS hierarchy. Your content lives within a project. In a project you can:

  • Define the shape of your content by adding schema models and schema enumerations
  • Add fields and your created enums to your models
  • Manage and browse your project´s content
  • Upload and assign media files
  • Invite others to your team
  • Use the integrated GraphiQL playground to run queries and mutations against your project´s endpoint

Project Settings

Each project you create has a separate set of settings. Project settings can be found by clicking the settings icon in the left-hand navigation bar. From here you can:

General Project Settings

General Settings

Here you can:

  • Define your project's Name, Description, and Cover Image.
  • See the region your project API is hosted. Please note that after the creation of a project, you will not be able to change this.
  • Clone your project.

Team settings, roles, and permissions

Roles and perms

  • System Roles are predefined and not customizable.
  • Custom Roles are roles with customizable permissions.
  • Pending Invites this is where any pending invites will show up as well as the number of seats used / available. Pending invites will only be valid for 14 days.

Plan Details

Dashboard screenshot

Plan details contain everything to do with the financial aspect of your project. The name of your plan along with the billing cycle is present in the card title.

Limits that are displayed used / monthly limit:

  • API operations 1,000,000
  • Asset Traffic 500 GB
  • Records 500
Records are only restricted and therefore displayed in the free, Personal plan.

Permanent Auth Tokens

Perm Auth Tokens

Public API permissions

Public API Permissions

System Tokens

System Tokens

System Tokens are used for the Import/Export endpoint of your project. The Grants dropdown allows you to either choose Import or Export. Guides to use:



Your unique project endpoints will show up here. Read more about endpoints.

Delete Project

Delete Project

The Danger Zone allows you to delete your project. You'll be asked to type the name of your project to confirm. Once you delete a project there is no going back.

Project Dashboard

Dashboard screenshot

From the dashboard, you have a high-level overview of your project. Including your monthly quota limits, your endpoints, and a getting started checklist to guide you through the product.