Project Backups

What are Project Backups?

Project Backup

Project Backups allow you to save all of your project's content, structure, assets and other data at a certain point in time. They are currently stored in a system storage bucket, which may be customized at a later point in time. Currently, project backups contain the following data

  • Project structure (schema)
  • Project content
  • Assets

Project backups are available for Growth and Enterprise plans.

Creating Project Backups

Create Backup

In your project's settings, simply click the Create Backup button and follow further actions.

Backup Creation Dialog

Please note that only the 20 most recent backups are stored. If you exceed this number, old backups will be deleted automatically.

You'll be asked to confirm the default selection and optionally enter a descriptive backup name to identify your backup later on. For now, you can only select system Storage buckets to create your backups in, later on you may add storage buckets to your project to be used instead.

Downloading (exporting) a Project Backup

Prepare Backup Export

After a backup is created successfully, you can select the Prepare Download option in the backup view to request an export of your project backup. After the export is generated, this process may take some time, the option will change to display Download until the export expires after 3 hours. After this time, you will have to request another export to download your backup.

Download Backup Export

Restoring and importing backups are coming soon.