Pre-Applied Filters

What are Pre-applied Filters?

Pre-applied filters allow you to filter content before it reaches your endpoint. You can specify these on Public API Permissions, and Permanent Auth Tokens.

How to use Pre-applied Filters

Inside of the Settings view, you'll find all three possibilities for filters. Different filter options are:

  • Public API Permissions filter directly on the current stage's endpoint.
  • Permanent Auth Tokens filter on API access permissions that are kept separate from the public API permissions.
  1. To filter choose ID, Created At, Updated At, or Status.
  2. Then choose an operator. For Status, Is or Is Not.
  3. Finally the item you want filtered by. For status, we can choose Published, Draft, or Archived.

Why use Pre-Applied Filters?

Some ideas of where to use Pre-Applied Filters:

  • Only show published blog posts on the live website.