What is Internationalization?

'GraphCMS Localization'

The general philosophy behind GraphCMS is "just enough opinion" to support the widest set of application content without getting in the way with opinionated ideas about pages, tags, categories, etc.

i18n (internationalization), however, is a special topic that requires extra thought and execution in the database. We've added support for content locales. Not only that, we've added support for custom content locales as well, no matter what your idea of alternate content entails, we support it.

Personal and Essential plans are limited to 1 locale (default is English). Team plans and above support i18n.

Setting i18n up

To set localization up inside of GraphCMS, you'll need to configure locales in your Schema Configuration tab. For more on how to set up i18n, navigate to the localization guides doc.

Querying Localized fields

For information in how to query the translated content, please see the developer docs related to i18n.