Content Views

What are Content Views?

Content Views

Content Views allow editors to save specific UI configurations, consisting of a column configuration for the table and/or a filter. This is great for clearing the clutter that doesn't matter to editors, easily accessing filtered information and more!

Working with Content Views

For a guide on how to work with Content Views, visit the guide.

Private Views

By default, Content Views and Content View Groups will be visible to anyone with the proper content permissions in your team. If you'd like to customize a view that is not necessary for anyone else in your team, feel free to toggle the View or View Group, private where only you will see it!

You can then find these private views and groups by switching from Shared Views to Private Views in the content sidebar.

Content Connect Views

Connect Views allow Admins and Owners of a project to customize the connect modal per role when connecting two related models to each other. This leverages the existing Content Views that are created for the specific model.

Connect View

The Connect Modal also offers the possibility to quickly switch between available content views and setting a Personal Connect View, which is prioritized over the role-based View.

Personal Connect View

Visit the guide to find out how to create Connect Views and where you can change them.