Explore Your API

Viewing the Schema

Once you've created your content, you now have a functional GraphQL API to explore! Below we've included the URL to our project. If you've already discovered your project's API and made it public, feel free to add your own. If not, then keep reading!

Using the Built-in GraphiQL Explorer

One of the benefits of GraphCMS is that we include a built-in GraphiQl explorer directly in the application.

GraphiQl Explorer

Go ahead and try it out yourself with the following code snippet.

  myFirstModels {

This editor is a lot more powerful than simply exploring your API. You can create, read and update every part of your project (if you have the correct permissions). To read more about modifying content with mutations, head to our API documentation.

To Learn more about what mutations and queries are, head to our GraphCMS Concepts documentation.

If you are ready to incorporate your API into a project, move on to the final step and open your API up to the public.